Founded in 1928, the American Club for International Women, Mumbai (formerly American Women's Club of Bombay) provides a warm and welcoming community through the promotion of social, philanthropic, cultural and educational activities for expatriate women living in Mumbai.

ACIW Mumbai is a non-profit, social club of women from over 30 countries.  It is the oldest expatriate club in Mumbai and is run by an Executive Board of volunteers elected from the general membership.  The Board organizes activities and events to help members discover their new home, giving them an opportunity to meet other like-minded women, and to support the activities of worthy charities.  Meetings are held in various parts of the city and are fun and engaging.

​The Club has close ties with the US Consulate (the spouse of the US Consul General is Honorary President) and the American School of Bombay.  ACIW Mumbai is a member of FAWCO (Federation of American Women's Clubs Overseas), an international network of independent volunteer clubs and associations.


You may be a seasoned expatriate or a “newbie”, but we know that every country is different and has its own joys and challenges.  Let us help you settle into your adopted city, and form bonds that last a lifetime.


Getting Started in 3 Easy Steps

Membership is open to:

  • Expatriate women, 18 years and over, who are foreign citizens residing in Mumbai, or

  • Women, 18 years and over, of any citizenship, married to a foreign citizen residing in Mumbai.


There are 3 easy steps to becoming a member: 

  1. Complete a membership application form,

  2. Present a scanned copy of your passport, or if married to a foreign citizen, your spouse’s passport,

  3. Submit the membership donation.

Once you have indicated your interest in becoming a member, you will be invited to attend an upcoming event where you can complete the membership process. 

As a member, you receive communication via email, broadcast via a members-only WhatsApp group, and can join our closed Facebook page. 

All new members are encouraged to attend our events and get involved as soon as possible.  We have found that the comfort of meeting other like-minded women makes the settling-in process much easier.


  • Weekly meet-ups such as Coffee Mornings, Shopping, Lunches, Bar Nights, Kids' activities, Happy Hour and more.

  • Members enjoy special social events to celebrate holidays such as International Women's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  • Special interest groups such as a Book Club.

  • Several arts and crafts activities, workshops and excursions.

  • Exploring the culture and history of Mumbai.


Read about Club activities, member travels, charities we support, and other topics of interest in our monthly Newsletter.